Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New Year, New Candles

New Year + New Candles
There's something really refreshing about New Year's Eve, it's a time to reflect on the all the good (& bad) things that happened during the year & it's time to look ahead at the endless possibilities the New Year may bring.
2014 is going to be really exciting, I can feel it already. I have new products and packaging developed and a hit list of new opportunities to get started on this Spring.

Oh course I will be keeping my Polka Dot Candles but I'm introducing a chic range of tumbler candles in delicious fragrances such as Spiced Amber & Plum Blossom.
I have also trialled 'Woodwick' which is a really nice alternative to regular cotton wick. It's made from walnut wood and makes a great crackling sound as it burns, almost like a cozy log fire!
Bath Salts & Soaks
Another new handmade range are some ultra relaxing bath salts & bath soaks...any excuse to spend and extra 20 minutes in the bath!
They are made with essential oils and really help you to relax and unwind.


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