Wednesday, 22 January 2014

New Year, New Candles

New Year + New Candles
There's something really refreshing about New Year's Eve, it's a time to reflect on the all the good (& bad) things that happened during the year & it's time to look ahead at the endless possibilities the New Year may bring.
2014 is going to be really exciting, I can feel it already. I have new products and packaging developed and a hit list of new opportunities to get started on this Spring.

Oh course I will be keeping my Polka Dot Candles but I'm introducing a chic range of tumbler candles in delicious fragrances such as Spiced Amber & Plum Blossom.
I have also trialled 'Woodwick' which is a really nice alternative to regular cotton wick. It's made from walnut wood and makes a great crackling sound as it burns, almost like a cozy log fire!
Bath Salts & Soaks
Another new handmade range are some ultra relaxing bath salts & bath soaks...any excuse to spend and extra 20 minutes in the bath!
They are made with essential oils and really help you to relax and unwind.


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Vintage Craft Carnival with a spooky twist

Yipee off to Kilburn on Saturday for my first market at The Vintage Craft Carnival. Looking forward to the fancy dress although it's now Thursday and I don't have anything lined up which is not very clever!

If your in the North West London area do call in, we're open from 12-6 @ The Priory Tavern, 250 Belsize Park Road, there will be lots of amazing stalls.

New Accessories AW'12

I am launching a new line of cute new rings and hairclips this weekend at The Vintage Craft Carnival in Kilburn. I have sourced a new supplier who designs and makes the cool laser cut shapes shown in the image. The 'Hot Lips' rings are really cool, but I love the swallows too! 

The blue handpainted bird is my fave though :o) They will be available to buy on Etsy very soon!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Robin & Rose in a book?

It's been a busy Summer and I think I'm just getting back to normal now. Lots of exciting things have happened including being included in a cool new book that was published in September - I am in PRINT. 
It's a great book called "Make Money from Makes" by Brightword Publishing very cool and I am thrilled to have been included. 

I'm doing 3 markets this month so had a huge big clear up last night to get myself organised. I'm also working on a new range of candles, literally putting the finishing touches to them this week so they should be ready for sale in November, just in time for Christmas. But for now you can still but candles online at my Etsy shop and I am offering 25% Off all order until Nov 30th with the code JCW25.

Will be back soon with more news on markets, new products and random ramblings x

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Kentish Town Market

Pop-Up Market at The Abbey Tavern, Kentish Town
I am really looking forward to my first market at the lovely Abbey Tavern in Kentish Town, it makes a change from have drinks and a boogie there!
There will be a BBQ and lots of lovely stalls including vintage and gift - so get yourself on the tube/bus and get yourself to North London.

Sunday 15th July 2-7pm (you can even have a lie-in!!!)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Stateside Summer

Stateside Summer

Well I've some new product ideas and exciting news are in the pipeline - but you'll have to hang in there a little bit longer as I don't want to jinx thing by blabbing too soon! 

A recent trip to Chicago threw up some new ideas, it's always great to get away an chill out for a few days to see something in a different light,  let new ideas sink in and figure out what direction to go in. Chicago was fab, sunny, friendly, clean, some great eateries and we stayed in a lush suite in the lovely MileNorth Hotel, which was a skip, hop and jump away from Neiman Marcus and a plethora of other fine retailers...heaven!

My problem has always been too many ideas and reigning them in but I have ben trying very hard to stay focused and hopefully this will all pay off in the next year. 

All very cryptic I know but it will all become clear very soon x

Enjoy the sunshine!

Friday, 1 June 2012

Holiday Time!

Holiday Time!

I'm quickly trying to eat my tuna salad + type at the same time which has proved unsuccesful as I now have hiccups eeek
In 4 hours my holiday begins.....well starts by staying at an airport hotel tonight due to crack of dawn start tomorrow morning. Toronto + Chicago here I come, my boyfriend is having a bit of a moan about the 8hr flight and possible risk of boredom....however I'm not an in-flight entertainment expert so told him to stock up on magazines, newspapers, watch a couple of films, eat and sleep.

My sister has the groundwork done on the quality cafes in Toronto so I'll be trying them out and she is going to take me round the vintage/inde shop scene tomorrow - very, very excited and can't wait to take pictures of all the new inspirational ideas I'm going to see.

Going on holiday has  to be one of the best feelings ever, apart say from when you miss the flight due to bad, bad, bad, London traffic (and partly because you were planting a Jasmine plant when you didn't have time) and then having to celebrate your birthday at Frankie & Bennys in Gatwick airport............not my best birthday/holiday memory ever I can tell you.
This year my feet shall be firmly on Canadian soil to celebrate and it's cocktails all the way :-)