Friday, 1 June 2012

Holiday Time!

Holiday Time!

I'm quickly trying to eat my tuna salad + type at the same time which has proved unsuccesful as I now have hiccups eeek
In 4 hours my holiday begins.....well starts by staying at an airport hotel tonight due to crack of dawn start tomorrow morning. Toronto + Chicago here I come, my boyfriend is having a bit of a moan about the 8hr flight and possible risk of boredom....however I'm not an in-flight entertainment expert so told him to stock up on magazines, newspapers, watch a couple of films, eat and sleep.

My sister has the groundwork done on the quality cafes in Toronto so I'll be trying them out and she is going to take me round the vintage/inde shop scene tomorrow - very, very excited and can't wait to take pictures of all the new inspirational ideas I'm going to see.

Going on holiday has  to be one of the best feelings ever, apart say from when you miss the flight due to bad, bad, bad, London traffic (and partly because you were planting a Jasmine plant when you didn't have time) and then having to celebrate your birthday at Frankie & Bennys in Gatwick airport............not my best birthday/holiday memory ever I can tell you.
This year my feet shall be firmly on Canadian soil to celebrate and it's cocktails all the way :-)

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  1. Until you loose your passport on the plane and then you open up a whole new set of issues that lead to an equally depressing birthday!!! But an unplanned trip to Ottawa came from it so not all bad!!!

    Some quality cafes were seen, and some quality food was had too.