Thursday, 5 July 2012

Stateside Summer

Stateside Summer

Well I've some new product ideas and exciting news are in the pipeline - but you'll have to hang in there a little bit longer as I don't want to jinx thing by blabbing too soon! 

A recent trip to Chicago threw up some new ideas, it's always great to get away an chill out for a few days to see something in a different light,  let new ideas sink in and figure out what direction to go in. Chicago was fab, sunny, friendly, clean, some great eateries and we stayed in a lush suite in the lovely MileNorth Hotel, which was a skip, hop and jump away from Neiman Marcus and a plethora of other fine retailers...heaven!

My problem has always been too many ideas and reigning them in but I have ben trying very hard to stay focused and hopefully this will all pay off in the next year. 

All very cryptic I know but it will all become clear very soon x

Enjoy the sunshine!

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